SlideShow Movie to Video Maker Recenzje App

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Jeu cool








Its good




Cool! Bekomm ich jz Musik? xD





Jaime bien lapp ;-)

Dont know

Dont know








pretty bad app, spent an hour going through pictures around 200 pictures and then bam doesn’t load and kept trying and bought the stupid monthly subscription. and it’s a waste of $!! DO NOT DO IT.

Hard to cancel, not consumer friendly

How do I cancel. I just downloaded realized this isn’t what I was looking for and now am having so much trouble trying to cancel.


Terrible app. Dont waste your time. doesnt work time after time. Do not charge me for a trial. I want to unsubscribe but it doesnt show anywhere to do so.

Stop charging me!!

I didn’t even have it for 5 minutes and deleted the app! But here I am still getting charged. I don’t have don’t charge me! Someone figure out how to get it to stop charging me.

Turn off subscription

I can’t figure out how to shut off my subscription?????


How do I delete this off my account it keep taking money from me?



Please read this before purchasing!

This app is terrible and doesn't even give you an “x” button to not do the free trial. If you are going to put an app on the market, and it’s not free, DO NOT SAY IT IS FREE! That is stupid and low. And when I first got on the app, not even allowing it access to my photos and microphone, it crashes!! Do not purchase this app.

Free trail

Please cancel my free trail. I was unsatisfied by the app. I no longer wish to use this app’s services. Do not charge me. Thank you.


You can’t even make a two photo slideshow without having to pay I’m am extremely disappointed!!

Do not download this app

Hands down the worst app I’ve ever downloaded, app was confusing and didn’t have many features. Also got charged 5 dollars for a subscription I did not make! This also prevents u from downloading any other app until an iTunes card pays for it. Very frustrating highly do not recommend

doesn’t work v well

keeps shutting down after i do a ton of work and then i have to restart... very annoying


This app says that it is free but waits until you choose all your photos to ask you to complete a free trial. Very annoying.

Used to be my favorite

I don’t know what this is or what happened to the old flip a gram but this app barely works and it’s crazy that you charge for it when the free version was a million times better. Shame.

Free trial

I am done with my free trial please do charge me. I would like to receive a email confirmation that it has been cancelled. It was not easy to use and kept cutting out.


Do NOT download. Complete waste of time.


I thought it was free but right after I picked my photos it said “free 3 day trial” ?????whattt no warning ??? If ur lookin for something free DONT DOWNLOAD

A bit frustrated

My slideshow was lost suddenly and I had to restart 3 times!

Worst “free” app

Don’t even bother downloading unless you want to pay $4.99 per WEEK!!!


Don’t get this app! It lets you chose the things you wanna put together BUT THEN it tell u to pay like wth who even are u.🤦🏻‍♀️


Music not working please don’t charge me charge deleting app in 5 4 3 2 1 .


I deleted this app a while back and I’m still getting charges from it! every week it takes $4 out of my account and I don’t even have the app anymore, how do I fix this?


Never download an app that charges you $5 A WEEK. I deleted the app instantly once I read it. You developers better not charge me.


When I got this app I wanted to edit video’s for YouTube.. but when I entered the app it started FORCING me to get the free trial. I didn’t want to get it because I was just gonna but stuff in the app later. But when I got the free trial I was like “FINALLY” But then it started crashing. I wasn’t mad about that, but when the free trial ended IT CHARGED ME! I deleted this app. (I never write reviews)


How do you cancel the subscription?????????? There are no instructions this is a criminal app.


It literally kicks me out every time I’m close to the end of my slide show.


I hate this you have to have a free trial and you have to pay to upload it to any thing even to copy it😒👿👿💩👎🏻


I do not like how this is advertised as a “Free” app and then you have to pay once you have already downloaded it, and it doesn’t tell you until after you’ve spent time making your slideshow.

You have to sign up for a trial before using

Wasted time selecting photos only to hit ‘next’ and be taken to screen requiring payment information for a free trial.

Keeps crashing

I just tried this app and it's no good. Right when I'm about to finish it crashes and closes on me! I had to redo it THREE times! No good. And you want me to pay for this after the trial? No thanks. Too bad because it's actually a great slideshow maker.

Waste of time

It’s free to install and take up space on your phone. Cost money to actually be able to use it.


Charged me once a week for 4 months without my knowledge. I never signed up for any subscription and used it once. Awful.


Don’t download this app it doesn’t work and it charges you after 2 days so now I deleted it but trying to figure out how they won’t charge me


It keeps crashing while I’m trying to resize the picture

Terrible App

This app does not work. I tried several times to put together a show and the app would take several pictures and then would just drop out and all my work would be lost. The process to cancel the $4.99 per week subscription is cumbersome. Save yourself time and trouble and do not download this app.

How do I cancel?

How do I cancel this???


I’m not doing the free trial!😤I can’t even get out!😤I’m so frustrated!😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

Not impressed

Not impressed. Every time I try to make a slideshow it doesn’t load. And now I can’t figure out how to cancel the three day trial.

Totally misleading

Horrible. It’s not free, offers ZERO functionality and on top of it the in app purchase is a weekly subscription for some crazy amount of money. Very shady, don’t waste your time and believe the fake reviews they’ve posted


breaks down every minute & shuts off . definitely not worth it

Keeps erasing

Keeps erasing

Need to cancel

Hi there, trying to cancel my free trial and I’m not exactly sure where to access account settings. Can you help? Thanks!

Money down the drain

Don’t download this app. All the nice features it has are only if you pay 2.99 a month. Your money will go down the drain. 💵


no way in hell am i paying $4.99 a week for something i can do free on google😒

flipagram was great. what happened

before when the app was flipagram, it was easy to use and i purchased an option for unlimited videos or something like that. but that the app has been completely changed, im no longer able to use it like i did before, and im not going to buy to use it all over again. it should be free to use, and the free trial only lasts for 3 days. definitely not worth it!


This trial is not what I expected they snuck the part that you have to pay for it and this app is absolutely trash.

HORRIBLE!!! Don’t waste your time!

This APP is horrible!! Pointless might even be a better word to describe it. I can’t believe this APP is even offered AND that they can charge someone for this bogus crAPP!! I spent 10-15 minutes picking out my pictures and music from my library. When I went to review the video to see if I needed to shorten or extend the length of time OR delete pics, it all of a sudden would kick me out and everything I had done was gone!!!! I did this 3 times, thinking that maybe there was a time limit and I was going over it. Nope. Every time the APP closed out and everything was gone because the APP didn’t save my work (like most APPS on a smart phone do). So that’s 45 mins of my life that I can’t get back. Thanks a lot Slide Show!! I would love to meet the genius that created this app and give them a high the face!!!

Trash Would Be A Compliment

This app is unfortunately one of the worst pieces of garbage I have ever had the chance to use. The image quality is awful. You have to sign-up for a "free trial" as well, which is ridiculous considering how hideous this app is. It does not serve any known purpose. It should be removed from the app store for every single one of these 1-Star reviews.

It’s the worst

You have to pay and then it’s over priced


Has anyone figured out how to stop this application from charging me $5.99??? I canceled my subscription and deleted the app and it’s charged me TWICE already! HELP PLEASE!

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